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lunes, 12 de marzo de 2012

Kizuna // Bond

The past week at japanese class our sensei Reiko was comenting about the events that gonna be hold at Barcelona for the 'anniversary' of Tsunami disaster. Our school participed in one of those events singing a song. After that she made a comment about 'kizuna' kanji, trying to explain it meaning. Then I recalled something, I heard it before... two years before... And suddenly I remembered I had used it before. Two years ago, I made a drawing of 2 human heads connected by the hair. I searched for the word bond and I met kizuna kanji. It felt kind of bittersweet when I hear that words. I wanted to say 'yeah I know, I know. I used it, and I made it for someone so special for me.' And then I felt a bit like crying and I looked at the floor and left. So after that, and because I couldn't asist to event, I remake my kizuna drawing. Even useless... I hope it...

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que bonito tia :_)


Graciasss taquitooo!!!


lo encontré!
me encanta~

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